Percussion and world music performances and workshops for adults and children - black woman musician - exotic and unusual instrumentation and vocals
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    Resonations: A Vocal Jam Workshop
    Uses creative techniques and songs from Africa, the Black South and beyond. Suitable for adults/ seniors/ teachers/ young adults/ schools/ community centers/ churches.. (detail)

    Vocal / Percussion Workshop
    Uses creative techniques to teach voice and small percussion such as bells, shakers and songs from Africa and beyond - suitable for adults/ seniors/ young adults/ families/ schools/ community centers/ churches. (detail)

    African Percussion Instrument-crafting (Shekere)
    A two week residency of crafting and learning to play the African shekere - suitable for ages 10 and up as well as seniors. (detail)

    Music Exchange
    A free-form discussion that focuses on specific jazz vocalists of the past and how they have influenced today's music. - suitable for young audiences and adults. (detail)

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