Percussion and world music performances and workshops for adults and children - black woman musician - exotic and unusual instrumentation and vocals
Reviews (page 3)

"One such memorable moment is found in the second song when Tiyé Giraud, one of the more talented members of the company, stands center stage playing a berimbao... and singing "The Roof of My Mother's House." Her voice is so malleable, percussive and sinewy that it is mesmerizing."
.....Lawrence Enscoe, Los Angeles Daily News 1989 (review)

".... Miss Zollar, joined by singer Tiyé Giraud as guest artist ... her unusual abilities include virtuoso handling of a big gourde-rattle drum that did away with any need for orchestral accompaniment."
.....Gene Jones, The News and Courier (SC) 1987 (review)

"There was a powerul performance by Willa Jo (Jawole Zollar) and Tiyé Giraud, an accomplished singer in "Life Dance I - The Magician"."
.....Patricia Cantwell, The Evening Post (SC) 1987 (review)

" her rich voice chants, the field hollers with the southern black slaves...she moves easily from a lazy hum to a quivering shriek." .....Deborah Jowitt, The Villiage VOICE 1986 (review)

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