Percussion and world music performances and workshops for adults and children - black woman musician - exotic and unusual instrumentation and vocals
Reviews (page 2)

"'Listen here papa, I'm Dirty Dishy Divine...I'm an independent woman...I just must be free.' Then a train whistle echoed... as the lights faded on Giraud swinging away the pain of re-remembering an era of Jim Crow." .....C.S'thembile West, Welcomat 1994 (review)

"Giraud acts, sings and plays harmonica, clay pot, and gourd to craft an innovative, provocative stage work that is challenging on both intellectual and emotional levels."
.....Deni Kasrel, The Philadelphia Inquirer 1996 (review)

"....dazling Tiyé Giraud (Hecate, goddess of the dark moon, the mysterious beyond)... 'I am the caller', Hecate sings. 'I have always been here, asking the very same questions, giving the very same answers... I am the Drinker of Tears'." .....Eva Yaa Asantewaa, The Village VOICE 1993 (review)

".... Tiyé Giraud's musical arrangements with their ever-changing moods help to sustain, from beginning to end, the happy illusion that is the play itself."
.....D.J.R. Bruckner, The New York Times 1991 (review)

"What Tiyé Giraud celebrates in her songs is freedom from cultural isolation and oppression."
.....Robert Hicks, The City Sun 1991 (review)

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