Percussion and world music performances and workshops for adults and children - black woman musician - exotic and unusual instrumentation and vocals
Reviews (page 1)
    " Ms. Giraud and Ms. Gonzalez have accomplished a difflcult, movement, narrative, sounds and slide projections are seamlessly combined..., a juicy, joyous celebration and an angry indictment" .....Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times 1998 (review)

    "Blessed with an ambrosian score composed by Tiyé Giraud with rich percussive sounds and assorted strange looking instruments." .....Lisa Jo Sagolla, BACK STAGE 1998 (review)

    "'Mojo for the New Millenium' offered a hefty portion of textured sound distilled from Africa, Brazil, the Black South and Europe." .....C. S'Thembile West, Philadelphia Weekly 1998 (review)

    "....the troupe features great drumming.... impressively integrated movement.... and wonderful moments of audience participation as choral background"
    .....Martin Washburn, The Village VOICE 1997 (review)

    "Sugar Tit! presents its harsh truths with the irony, sass, intimacy and grace that render them haunting to the spirit and indelible in the imagination."
    .....Suzanne Carbonneau, The Washington Post 1995 (review)

    "Dirty Dishy Divine... an excellent celebration of black musical tradition should have an extended run or be presented on public television."
    .....Abiola Sinclair, The Amsterdam News 1994 (review)
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