Percussion and world music performances and workshops for adults and children - black woman musician - exotic and unusual instrumentation and vocals
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    Hoss Hed Ju-Ju Nomadic Jook Band
    Tiyé's trio featuring lively world soul inspired by such diverse cultures as far flung as the Pygmies of Central Africa, the Scottish women of the Outer Hebrides and southern blues. Hoss Hed Ju-Ju brings the jook to you! Suitable for clubs/ cafes/ theaters/ colleges/ schools. (detail)

    Sugar Tit (A solo Play)
    A satirical music/theater piece that explores the traditional roles of women in general, black women in particular. A one-woman performance of excerpts. - suitable for adults/ women's festivals/ colleges. (30-45 minutes) (detail)

    Sugar Tit (Solo Narrative reading / Spoken word)
    Solo narrative reading with live music of excerpts from Tiyé's music/theater piece - suitable for poetry slams/ women's festivals/ colleges. (5-10 minutes) (detail)

    A 30 to 45 minute solo performance of eclectic music and instrumentation from Africa to Ireland - suitable for adults/ women's festivals/ colleges /clubs. (detail)

    Out of Your Gourd
    Is a 45 minute solo performance featuring unusual and exotic instruments, songs from Africa and beyond, audience interaction and a hands-on-jam at the end - suitable for everyone. (detail)
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