Percussion and world music performances and workshops for adults and children - black woman musician - exotic and unusual instrumentation and vocals
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    Artist's Statement

    As an artist with many interests, I have been lucky to have worked with folks who have beleived in me and who have made it possible for me to create some of my favorite, albeit most challenging work. As long as I can remember I have been interested in jazz, blues and folk-based music of indigenous peoples of the world. This has lead to my collecting, performing and teaching music from places as far flung as Africa, Ireland, India, South America, etc. The role music has played historically for us all has also been of interest for me.

    I have performed in plays and have written a few myself. I have also written music for bands, dancers and film. The pursuit of music has taken me to many foreign shores where history was made real and accessible. I believe I am known for eclectic work with a conscience although I am certainly not against a good love song or a raunchy 'jook'.

    My main passion is for having the artistic freedom to follow whatever the muse inspires. Singing, playing percussion, writing music and theater, teaching and studying has taken me on many a wild and variegated ride. I enjoy and am committed to the process of testing myself and setting new limits. I thank all of my teachers, gurus, friends and family who have encouraged and supported me in finding my bliss. I look forward to a future of more music, new limits, passions and friends.